Can you recall that first flicker of hope you felt when you saw the movie, “The Secret”? Wasn’t it amazing? Didn’t you feel that you could achieve anything under the sun?
But then, do you also remember as to how many people shortly saw that hope dwindle into discouragement? How many of us (and be fair now) began muttering things like:
– “This power of positive thinking appears to work for others, but I simply cannot get it right.”
– “I am frustrated that occasionally I’m able to get it to function, but mostly it’s not happening. Just how do I keep these favorable thoughts; what is the trick?”
– It’s this kind of rational procedure.”
– “I believe the universe is against me.”
– “I am trying very, VERY difficult but still nothing is happening!”
Relax! Do not take undue stress, you are not alone. About 97% of us could not make the Law of Attraction work the second or even the third (& fourth & fifth) time round. Consider it, just like other things, we must practice many times before success is seen by us. A kid does not learn to walk without dropping & getting hurt many times. Correct?
It is tough to remain positive, when you are frustrated. When the signs all around us portrays a negative outlook and it is particularly tough to remain positive. And we understand what occurs when we don’t remain positive? That is correct – here come the negative effects back to back; frequently compounded!
Without becoming frustrated, how do those who execute the Law of Attraction do it with finesse and such assurance?
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Well, here are three quick tips I’ve learned that I am going to never feel tired or frustrated of claiming from your laws that are worldwide:

1. Open Yourself to Abundance

We must build self-confidence within ourselves and with the laws of nature, quit becoming exhausted by running around people, begging for favorable outcomes, and after that wondering why nothing is transforming (Tip: It Is because we’re running so quick, fearful of missing it, and never letting the universe to reply our first time request.)

2. Patience is the Key

Unfortunately, many people give up only a few measures before the finish line because we determined that “if it is not working by now, it is never going to work at all”. No, we must not be inconsistent in our anticipations / expectations. The request shall certainly come to pass.
This really is like expecting moms deliver and to conceive an infant in 1 month. Doubling the temperature can’t bake the cake in half the time. Rather, the cake will burn.

Essentially, everything nowadays has a natural development time, which fact isn’t going to change regardless of how “tough” we shove ourselves.
So we must relax, be consistent and patient in anticipating the desirable outcomes! Remember we cannot alter the natural development time needed for each request, and that we also, within the universe, are regulated by the laws of the universe.

3. Always be a student & Train yourself

Like the kid who’s learning to walk, all of us need guidance and support on the role models to look up to who happen to be successful in the particular region, as well as the best way to get it done.
Well, it’s not. “The Secret” is only a little part of the whole equation. It has never been, and was never meant, the complete response to fulfill your desires.

Additionally, try to be amongst communities or individuals where we learn from each other, support each other as well as discuss new knowledge that will help the gratification of our wishes.
If you are doing your part, while the Law of Attraction isn’t an overnight delivery service, it is going to really deliver! Have a look at the other laws that finish the basis from which we can realize our wishes in a timely manner and consistently.

I suggest you to also have a look at the New Thought movement brought in by various people, by virtue of which The Secret movie was created.

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