We should assess our targets to ensure they line up with reality. The targets you set for yourself should actually be difficult to accomplish with a little effort. Targets should require a bit to mature, extend yourself and make you hone your abilities if you are going to execute and achieve them. What target should not do is to make you into someone you cannot be or be something you cannot be.

Goal Setting Example

The typical example of this can be that it is unrealistic to anticipate a 50-year old guy who’s beginning next season and make the team, considering that they are 70 pounds overweight, for a professional basketball team. No amount of positive thoughts or visualizing great ideas to bring that results will work (believe me!).
Sure, 50-year old guys play basketball, but a scenario such as above would take time. It takes things to fall in place before you can actually go-ahead and execute your mission.

Identifying Problems in Goal Setting & Overcoming Them

The difficulty comes when we do not understand other targets that are like that (as unrealistic as the one stated above). Consider that same 50-year old guy. He does not walk often run. Exercise is restricted to trips to the toilet and going downstairs and upstairs at his house.
Do 50- year-old marathons are run by guys? Absolutely! Did any of them do it after they determined they needed to? Of course! What about if that same guy needs to begin his own company? He has got no expertise but he understands there is a truckload of money to be made in Internet Marketing.
Can it be made in a month? Certainly! But he needs to examine if someone has ACTUALLY done it from scratch in 30 days with no strategy or no expertise? He has to do a lot of research & then take the plunge. That is accurate for every one of us. As it pertains to target setting every time reality trumps dream.
Therefore, we must identify the limitations and overcome them before setting lofty goals else we will be doomed for repeated failures.

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